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The Key To Having a Productive Week

A couple of months ago we sold our business. It was a wild ride that we didn’t expect to end as quickly as it did but were given an offer we couldn’t refuse and POOF just like that, we were “unemployed”. We went from being insanely busy, hardly having a chance to say hello to each other to having absolutely nothing on the agenda. It took 2 months to wind down from the chaos, get some rest, visit with family and friends. Oh and we got Covid, so that took a bit to recover from. Fast forward 3 months into it and it was really hard to stay productive. After all, we are entrepreneurs, my partner and I both still have side businesses that we are running, albeit, at a more leisurely pace with no real timelines or consequences when we don’t meet deadlines but this is where the trouble of staying motivated and productive comes in. This is when I devised a plan to make sure we get the most out of our week by following these easy steps.

Although our personal experience might differ and this is obviously based on my life experiences, you can definitely take what aligns with you and your lifestyle. I assure you that at least SOME of the following advice can apply to you in some capacity.

I personally prefer a more minimal approach to most aspects of my life and this is no exception. You can make this more in depth and write out every details if that is your style.

Stay Organized, Plan your Week and Write To-Do Lists.

Planning your week allows you to mark important events and tasks you want to complete. I also love daily to do lists, I find it extremely beneficial to write out specific daily tasks either the night before or first thing in the morning. This sets the expectation for the day and keeps you on track. I find it can be helpful to do this with your partner as well so you both have a clear idea of what the week ahead entails for both of you.

Set Goals and Work Towards Them.

Planning and reviewing your goals consistently allows you to stay on course. It’s good to set at least 3 - 4 goals a month but you can tailor this to what works best for you. I find most of my bigger goals are related to the following: Fitness, health, relationships, work, renovations, deep cleaning the house or vehicles, hobbies, digital boundaries, etc.

Stay Accountable.

Checking in on yourself and your goals will make sure you stay accountable. It can be hard to stay on track but showing up for yourself can be truly transformational. Be honest with yourself and recognize what you might need to change. Try to identify what worked and what didn’t.

Meal Prep.

This can be difficult but it will save you so much time and money. It allows you to write out a shopping list so you aren’t wandering around the grocery store trying to remember what you need. It will also help prevent you from eating out as often.

Treat Yo Self.

I am not in the camp of thinking we need a reward every time we cross something off of our to do list BUT we do deserve a weekly or monthly treat, even if it’s just small. Whatever your treat may be, make sure it’s well deserved and something you will look forward to when you meet one of your goals.

I hope you have found this helpful. I’d also love to know if there is anything else you might be doing to help you stay productive so I can give it a try!




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