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Gift Guide - Gifts Under $50

The perfect gift can be elusive, especially when you have a budget of $50 or less. These gifts won't break the bank but will still make someone feel special.

1. Lululemon Warm Revelation Beanie - $48

This cozy wool/blend beanie is perfect for when staying warm and fashion collide. Buy here.

2. An apple AirTag - $39

These are great for the people who are constantly misplacing their keys or phone. I actually use mine to track my cat and it works great. Buy here.

3. 28 Piece Hair Clip Set - $17

Perfect for teenagers or anyone who loves to play with their hair. Buy here.

4. Indoor Planter - Starting at $16.25

These original and modern planters, printed in wood are perfect for the plant lover in your life.

Buy here.

5. Custom Pet Portrait - Starting at $20

Who doesn't want a portrait of their animals? Buy here.

6. Personalized Name Ring. - $33.06

A custom piece of jewelry never goes out of style. Buy here.

7. Aesthetic Candles - $13.99

These cute aesthetic candles are made of quality soy wax and beeswax , which means non toxic. They make for great decor too! Buy here.

8. Neck Massager - $47.99

The perfect gift for someone who works is always asking for a massage. Buy here.

9. Love + Lore Cream Tote - $49.99

A cute tote that goes with every outfit! Buy here.

10. Bombas Gripper Slippers - $50

Staying comfy while relaxing never looked so good! Buy here.

Happy shopping!


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