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Gift Guide For The Homebody

While the world might be going out more than ever, nothing feels better than staying in and pampering yourself. So, whether you are looking for the perfect gift for that homebody in your life or want to give your favourite extrovert a thoughtful gift that feels extra warm and fuzzy, this is the guide you will want to read.

1. A three month coffee subscription box.

49th Parallel is a fantastic Canadian Coffee Roaster who prides themselves in small batch roasting. This collection makes a great gift bundle for any specialty coffee lover who enjoys trying their different roasts. I have enjoyed many different roasts from 49th Parallel and can't recommend them enough. Purchase here.

2. The comfiest pyjamas.

This Skims lounge sleep set is made with ultra soft material that is light weight and perfect for both lounging and sleeping in. Find them here.

3. Classic Organic Towels

These organic Turkish towels are plush and durable. They are luxiours, soft and absorbent and will make you think you've been whisked away to a spa in your own home. Buy here.

4. A Masterclass

This is the perfect gift for the forever student. There is no better way to to learn than in the comfort of your own home, with hundreds of amazing options from film experts, writers, photographers, and world renowned chefs, like Gordon Ramsay. Purchase here.

5. Premium hair care products.

A must have and key player in the self care routine, INSIGHT premium hair care products. These quality, long-lasting products that truely work for all hair types are carbon neutral and vegan. My personal favs are the hydrating mask, perfect for the cold weather and dry shampoo for in between washes. Purchase here. Use my code JENNY10 for 10% off your purchase.

6. DIY Candle Making Kit.

This is a candle making workshop from your own home! Crafting can be a form of self-care and allows you to be creative. This kit uses great ingredients such as soy wax, essential oils, cotton wick and dried flowers. Buy here.

7. Bubble Cocktail Glasses.

These glasses are the CUTEST, will add a vintage flair and be the most perfect gift for someone who enjoys a fancy cocktail from home. Buy here.

8. A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography.

The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions is a go-it-yourself memoir. It helps you record and preserve the experiences, relationships, and lessons that define you. Buy here.

9. Cozy Crewneck.

This Anti Social Coffe Club crewneck from Snapture This, a Toronto based creator is the coziest crewneck around. It is perfect for lounging around at home and the text on the back is perfect for a homebody. Check out her other great products as well! Buy here.

10. CBD Bathbombs.

Canna Birch CBD bath bombs are perfect for aches and pains, cramps, sleeplessness and relaxation. Each box of these handcrafted bath bombs includes the scents like orange calendula, peppermint eucalyptus, and lavender. Buy here.

Stay tuned for more gift guides!

Yours truly,

Jenny do


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