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2020 Niagara Region's Top 5 Wineries

Living in wine country certainly has its up side. Obviously, my favourite perk is getting to visit ALL of the amazing wineries in the region regularly. With literally dozens to choose from, obviously picking my top 5 is difficult but someone's gotta do the hard work, right?! haha. I decided to choose my TOP 5 wineries based on the following criteria: The Vibe - This means scenery, set up and all around customer experience. The Wine - This is obviously very important when choosing a top winery. Keep in mind, I tend to go for white's, that is my personal preference. My favs in order are Riesling, Sparkling and Rosé. The Food - A good food pairing can make all the difference. I know a lot of places meet this criteria but these TOP 5 have kept me coming back time and time again, which means they must be doing something right!

Home of good wine and world famous butter tarts. 13th Street Winery is more than just wine. They have art, savoury and sweet foods, a tasting room and PRE COVID had live music as well as massive outdoor local artist markets. Open every day of the week except Sundays.

Small Talk Vineyards Small Talk is unique in that they produce both wine and cider. Honestly, I'm a big fan of both the wine and the cider, you'll have to do tasting of them all! The atmosphere is chill and the people who work here are always in a great mood. Every time I've been, something new is gong on here. Trivia, local vendor markets and goat yoga just to name a few! Open 7 days a week.

The Good Earth Winery My fav sparkling Rosé is made here, called Aria. They have outdoor tastings, a retail store, a Bistro with some of the best cuisine and if you're lucky you can hang out with the free range chickens! Hours may vary due to COVID, so make sure to check their site for their hours.

De Simone Vineyards A boutique vineyard that is well worth the stop! The owners are super friendly, you can taste all of their hard work in their wines. I love their Riesling, Sparkling and Rose, which can be paired with a charcuterie board too!

Konzelmann Estate Winery Located on the beautiful Lake front, this estate has the only junk food tasting experience in the region (that I'm aware of). They also have a unique peach wine that I love to mix with their sparkling to make a yummy spritz! Open 7 days a week.

As I mentioned at the beginning, there are so many amazing wineries in the region, so please comment below and let me know your favourite!

Talk soon,



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