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Morning Habits That Will Make You Want to Wake Up Early

If you've been following me for a while, you likely already know that I am a morning person.  When most people are just starting to wake up, I've already lived a life.  I haven't always been this way though.  I used to stay up late and wake up late.  A routine that suited my lifestyle for a brief period of time but after working the corporate grind with a consistent 9-5 job, my late night routine changed.  At the beginning, I felt drained and knew I needed to change something.  As I've gone through the journey of becoming a morning person, I've curated a bunch of morning habits that actually make me want to wake up early that I thought could be useful for anyone who has ever struggled with the DESIRE to get up early but can't seem to make it happen.

Revolutionizing your morning habits will set you up for success throughout the day, so stop making excuses and set yourself up for success!

Wake up at a consistent time. The goal is to set your biological clock to get up without an alarm.  Obviously it will take time to train your body but eventually you won't need an alarm anymore.  My body wakes me up at 6:15 every morning on the dot.  I haven't set an alarm in years.  The more consistent you are with waking up, the more refreshed you are going to feel in the morning.  The earlier, the better, since it gives you more time to accomplish those things you want to get done but realistically you can pick anytime as long as its something you can stick to consistently.

Take a minute before you get up. Take a minute or five to either meditate or focus on something positive.  A lot of times we can get overwhelmed with the thought of all of the things we have to do in a day but don't let that be your focus.  Take a minute to be present.  

Cuddle with a loved one.  Whether it's your significant other or your pet, take a couple minutes to cuddle and appreciate them.  This is my favourite part of the morning.  Cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin that calms you and allows you to deal with stress better.  And, believe it or not, cuddling has also been shown to reduce blood pressure!

Make a Coffee or Tea. My morning coffee is a ritual for me.  I have a manual espresso machine and there is something about the act of making it that feels so good.  Not to mention, coffee gives me the energy I need for the day ahead.  I like to drink my coffee with my man and talk about the day ahead.  If I'm alone I'll throw on some music and read for about 10-15 minutes.  

Exercise or go for a walk. When you get up early, you actually have time before you head to work to get your body moving.  This will give you more energy later in the day, believe me.  Plus, getting your work out in early makes you feel accomplished and sets you up for success for the rest of the day.  Simply stretching can also do the trick, if a full blown workout is a bit too much for you. 

Write down a to do list for the day ahead. Making a list of the things you want to do allows you to get organized and to plan your day.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast. Give your body the energy it needs to be successful during the day.  A healthy breakfast doesn't have to take a lot of time, in fact, you can even make yourself breakfast the night before so it's quick and easy for the next morning.  

Dress Up.  Now, this one might not be for you but I find when I spend time planning my outfit and/or doing my hair and make up, I feel more confident.  I don't typically wear a lot of make up but I always make sure to put on some mascara, a nice lip gloss and straighten or curl my hair instead of leaving it in my messy morning bun.  It makes me feel and look more put together which gives me more confidence to conquer the day.  

I hope this helps you enjoy your mornings and get the most out of your day.  I'd love to hear about your morning habits, please comment below!

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