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How To Look Fashionable In The Bitter Cold

It's really hard to stay fashionable when it's frigid outside. Honestly, my number one priority in these temps is staying warm but being warmly dressed and looking good don't always go hand in hand. It's no secret that big coats, ear muffs and clunky boots can make you look like a yeti. Over the years of trying to choose between looking good OR staying warm, I've figured out how to look good while staying warm. As you can imagine, this is key for most Canadians, especially while living in the most fashion forward city in the country. Love you Toronto.

Tip 1) Stay monochrome. This is one of the easiest style tips for looking fashionable in the bitter cold. Style your coat, hat, bag, pants and shoes all one colour. You don't have to settle for black, although, that's usually my 'go to'. You could go bolder with a royal blue or even dress in head to toe red.

Tip 2) Buy a bold faux fur. Faux fur is super popular right now and there's no questioning why. It's warm as hell and give's major fashion vibes without the cruelty of real fur. I bought a baby blue faux and it's my fav statement jacket to wear in the winter.

Tip 3) Layer. Did you even think about wearing an undershirt, a knit sweater, denim jacket and finally a your camel coat on top? Betchya not but it's brilliant. Not only is that 4 amazing layers to keep you warm but each layer adds style depth. You can do this with a variety of textiles, including hoodies, pleather and puffer jackets.

Tip 4) Make your footwear pop. Luckily, there are a TON of stylish boots out there that keep your feet warm and look fabulous. Long gone are the days of Sorels being the only contender of winter footwear. My fav winter looks right now are white booties with an all black look or black punk combat boots with blue jeans and a blouse.

Tip 5) Keep your head warm. DUH, we all know body warmth escapes through the top of our heads. I feel so Canadian as I write this but a good toque is everything! If you don't want to go the toque route you can opt for a beret. Berets are so chic and keep you nice and cozy!

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