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6 Instagram Worthy Cafes in Toronto

One of my favourite things about living in a city like Toronto is the accessibility to so many amazing coffee shops. This city is filled with so many design conscious cafes, its truly an Insta girls dream land.

This list is for all of you fabulous people out there who like their cup of Joe with a little aesthetic.

Balzacs My favourite and most Insta worthy location is at 29 Powerhouse Street. The floors, walls and vintage marquee style signage are everything one could ask for. And since the location is fairly new, there aren't many people who will get in the way of your perfect Insta shot!


3 unique locations spread throughout the city that are all equally beautiful. They always have a variety of delicious baked goods and every latte is served with the perfect Rosetta or Tulip!

Light Cafe

This place is THE cutest. Everything on the menu is unique, including the house favourites like the crème brûlée latte and the cotton candy coffee. They also have a beautiful green wall to feature in the background of all your perfectInsta shots.


Fika, a concept and state of mind that is important to Swedish culture meaning making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee with. This place embodies its name, through and through. It's wall made entirely of books is the coolest backdrop as you sip your cup of Joe with a friend.

Reunion Island

Situated in the lovely Roncesvalles Village, this coffee shop welcomes you with a beautiful mosaic tile floor, reminding you why you are there. They are also a coffee roaster and make the perfect latte every time!

Cafe CanCan

This beautiful French cafe is tastefully decorated with macaroon coloured pastels and exotic flamingos. This is the perfect place to meet some friends for a latte or a full meal, since they have a full menu!

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