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5 Life Rules I Learned from Parisians

Paris is a magical city.

The city and it's inhabitants embody effortless elegance. On my journey I got to thinking about what makes Persians so unique and how I can incorporate these elements into my everyday life.


1. Walk everywhere. Parisians walk everywhere. They walk to work, to the market and end the night with a leisurely stroll after dinner. They make it a family affair, even the family dog tags along! In North America, I find we make excuses to drive everywhere. Try incorporating a daily walk into your routine, it's good for the mind, body and soul.

2. Portion control. Ever heard the saying "Eat petite, be petite"? I hadn't until I went to Paris. The concept is simple, eat smaller portions. Here in France they eat less food, BUT they spend more time eating it. Want a croissant? Cool, have one! But don't load your plate with 20 other items. Also, take your time while you nibble. 32% of North American adults are obese compared to 11% of French adults. So, the French are doing something right in this department.

3. Let your true beauty show through.

The French believe that beauty comes from the inside. And this doesn't mean exactly what you think it does. Yes, being a good person is great. But apparently eating healthy actually makes you prettier. Eating more fruits and veggies will make your your hair radiate, skin glow and nails grow.

4. Keep it simple.

For French gals, keeping it simple is life. Hair, let it air dry! Effortless, tousled hair is totally in. Make up? A simple red lip and no foundation will do. Nothing needs to look perfect, in fact, the less perfect and more natural, the better. And never look like you trying too hard.

5. Eat fresh and local.

Parisians go to the market daily. According to French law, each "arrondissement" in Paris must have at least two open-air food markets per week. Which is wonderful! Just think, quality food, fresh and cheap. Parisians like to sample the produce before buying it. In fact, you will often hear vendors yelling "A la goute" meaning "try it!", so take advantage and taste before you buy!

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