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Turn your bathroom into a crystal sanctuary


Hydrotherapy can ensure optimal health of the mind and body, so naturally, adding healing crystals will take this therapy to another level. Bathing with crystals gives you the opportunity to recharge your life force. ‘Healing Baths’ as I now refer to them, are also a great way to take advantage of a stone’s healing properties. I learned that water helps enhance the stone’s vibrations and will ultimately make you more aware of your own energy. Add an intention and meditation to your practice and soon you will transform into your most energized and authentic self.

After much research, I decided to transform my bathroom into a good vibe crystal sanctuary and you can too with these simple enhancements to your usual bathing ritual!


Essential Oils - Lavender, Sage, Chamomile, Geranium, Jojoba. All are calming and will do the trick!

Bath Salts - Epson, Himalayan or Sea Salts are all good options.

A candle – To set the mood!

Healing Crystals (of course!) - You don’t need to have 100 healing crystals, simply 1 will do. I’ve even heard a plain old rock can have some healing properties! The kind of crystals you’ll want to use all depend on what your particular focus is. But, make sure to be careful with certain crystals, especially if you are going to put them directly into the water with you because some may dissolve. These include Halite, Selenite, Gypsum, Talc, Calcite, and Alabaster. Here is a list of my favourite crystals, the one’s I use most often and the benefits I have noticed. Amethyst – Probably the most useful, I find it very stress relieving. Smoky Quartz - It helps me feel more grounded. Rose Quartz – Helps with remaining calm and keeping the heart open. Citrine - It helps with balancing and aligning. Carnelian – Helps with sexual energy and love.

*Helpful Tip! I periodically put out my crystals in the full moon, and/or in sunshine, to charge them up and keep them feeling fresh, clean and alive.

You should notice a new vitality to the water when you place the crystal in the tub. If you don’t want to place your crystals directly into the tub with you, that’s okay! During the soak, try holding or placing the crystals on your body according to a specific chakra.

Another way to make your bathroom the ultimate good vibe crystal sanctuary is by setting up an altar. Ideally, somewhere that you can see from your tub while you bathe. You can keep those good vibes coming while you get ready for work in the morning!

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