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My 5 Fav Beauty Products Right Now

We all have those in the moment fav beauty products. Today... I am dishing my 5 fav beauty products RIGHT NOW.

As soon as I heard about these, I knew I needed to try them. I love big lashes but speaking frankly, I am not good with glue, never have been. And glue near my eyes is no joke. These bad boys were a little tricky to get the hang of but now that I mastered it, I'm obsessed!

The rose petal infusion is soothing, toning and conditioning on the skin. This mask leaves your face feeling soft and smooth.

Miracle Worker Anti Aging Retinoid Eye Repair It's never too early to protect your eyes from wrinkles! I started using this stuff at the beginning of the year and am obsessed with it. I am NOT affiliated with the company at all. I just truly love this stuff and have found my eyes looking less tired since I've been using it.

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Lip Plumper I wear this everyday as a gloss, its an added bonus that it gives me volume. For those special occasions I wear a red or pink colour on top for extra va va voom!

Saje Purifying Facial Toner I use an entire sequence of Saje facial products. I'm obsessed with the entire line but if I had to choose one product from the facial sequence that I couldn't live without, it would be the Rain Forest Purifying Facial Toner. It leaves my face feeling clean and dewy, plus it smells like rain forest heaven.

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