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7 Affordable Ways to say I Love You this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a personal fav of mine but I know many people don't share the same enthusiasm.

Love it or hate it, it's just around the corner.

Remember when Valentine's Day was simpler?

Those fond memories of primary school, handing out candy and thoughtfully written notes to our dearest friends.

Those were the days.... Fast forward a few years later and there’s a chance you might be feeling some pressure this VDAY to get your significant other something special. To most people, the thought of something *special* far out weighs that of something expensive or fancy. There are so many affordable ways to celebrate the day of love with the one you love and I'm here to give you some ideas.

#1. DIY CARDS - There are so many DIY card ideas where you can say exactly what you want, save a little money and get creative!

#2. Chill out. Cook some dinner, light some candles, put on some music and make it a phone free night. These days its tough to stay away from your phone for more than a few hours but I promise, it'll be worth it. You'll get time to catch up and just hang out like it's 1999.

#3. Couples dance class. Ever wanted to learn how to Salsa, Waltz or Tango? Even if you aren't at all coordinated, it'll be a fun and engaging experience for the 2 of you. Plus, maybe one day you'll be able to bust out your moves, dirty dancing style, which, for me, is a personal dream.

#4. Potted plants instead of flowers. We all love flowers but a potted plant lasts year round. They tend to be less expensive too!

#5. Breakfast in Bed. This is the best way to wake up. Who doesn't love breakfast in bed? Make his/her favourite breakfast treat with a little note that says 'I Love You' and I promise, it'll go down in the history books. Check out my super simple recipe for delicious blueberry chocolate chip pancakes.

#6. Craft Night. My boyfriend and I do this once a week and it's SO much fun. We both really enjoy taking a break from the routine of netflix/movies and get really into crafting. We've done paintings, pottery, mantra boards, etc. All you need are the supplies and let the creativity take you away!

#7. Massage. Probably my favourite word in the English language. If there’s anything that's going to ‘set the mood’, this is it. Massages are romantic and sooo relaxing. Light a candle, put on some relaxing romantic music and grab the body oil.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a list of inexpensive and romantic ways to tell your significant other 'I Love You' this Valentine's Day!

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