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HELLO 123 - Lunch Date Collab

What happens when creators of the LustForLuxe and PeaceLoveJenny Blog meet up for a mid day lunch on a chilly November day in Toronto?

A whole lot of delicious vegan food and good vibes, that's what!

There's nothing better than meeting up with people of like interests to discuss the ups and downs of Toronto life, pets and of course, our passion for blogging.

We arrived at the new vegan IT spot close to The Drake on Queen W, called HELLO 123. The atmosphere was bright and airy with lots of plants spread throughout. We were able to snag one of the last available two-seater tables and as luck would have it, it was situated by the bright window, looking out onto Queen Street West. #views

For those of you who aren't familiar, HELLO 123 is another plant based restaurant from the brilliant minds behind Kupfert and Kim. It's small but can accommodate approx 40 guests and is sit down style with a ton of delicious options to choose from.

We chose to get a variety of plates and share, because sharing is caring. :) Pulled Pineapple Slider - 9/10

The Spicy Bap - 8/10

And in my opinion, the star of the show, Braised Cabbage and Romaine Caesar

We ate until we couldn't eat anymore, left feeling full but NOT bloated. It was the perfect balance.

There was dessert, but we didn't indulge. One point for self control!

All in all, lunch was a complete success and I learned 2 things.

1) Making lunch dates with new friends is refreshing, I must do it more. PS - Richelle, you rock!

2) Kupfert and Kim are vegan genius'! Bring me more vegan food, stat!

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