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If I had a Million Dollars...

Dear Universe,

Following the Law of Cause and Effect also known as Karma, I'm going to throw these thoughts out into the universe (and to my dearest readers) and hope they boomerang back.

If I had a million dollars.... I'd be rich?

We all know the lyrics to the Barenaked Ladies song and we've all had that dream of what we would do if we won the lottery, BUT a million dollars ain't what it used to be. Don't get me wrong, I'd still gladly take it, but buying my dream home in Toronto, a new Tesla and going on an exotic vacation with my dearest family and friends would send me wayy over budget if I only had a cool million to play with.

I suppose it'd be smart to invest the money; I can already hear my financial advisers plans for it.... which are, to say the least, incredibly boring.

When I start to give more serious thought into this million dollar dream, I guess I wouldn't even want that Toronto Dream home with a brand new Tesla in the driveway, I'd just want to do something that really matters with the money.

You know, the type of thing I've always wanted to do but could never figure out a way to make it work financially. Something that's dear to my heart and would bring me joy but also something that would bring others joy.

I know just the thing - I'd buy a big piece of land an hour or two from Toronto. On it would be a cozy home with an extra large barn in the back.

I can already see it coming together....

This is my dream for a sanctuary. A sanctuary for both animals and humans. Somewhere that rescued animals can live out the rest of their days. I'd spend my time going for nature walks with "the gang" which I can only assume will be a mix match of different species. Horses, piggies, goats and dogs all walking side by side. In a couple of years, a kid or two will be walking along side "the gang" and we'll all be apart of this beautifully blended family. I'd probably dress in overalls that are a size too big and rain boots while I cleaned the barn and fed the animals. The straw hat would only make an appearance on those warm summer days as I lay in the fields watching the clouds roll by.

It would start off as a small operation and snowball into a refuge. I'd offer yoga and vegan cooking classes. We would have visitors from all over the world who enjoyed learning about the "good life" and our wonderful family of rescues.

I might consider myself a city gal now but I'd retire my stilettos and trade in everything my comfortable Toronto life offers me to fulfill my million dollar dream up North.

Thanks universe, in advance.



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