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Raspberry Bounty Bars

Vegan - Nut Free - Gluten Free

Bounty Bars are delicious, there's no denying that chocolate and coconut go well together.

I've made quite a few "healthy" and veganized versions of my favourite chocolate bars, so I thought "hey, this can't be much harder." Then I decided to get real out there and add some raspberries because a) yummy and b) pink is pretty.

I simply used ingredients I had on hand which made my chill Sunday even better by not having to enter a grocery store.


2 cups - Shredded coconut

1 cup - Full fat coconut milk

3/4 cup - Raspberries – fresh or frozen 1/2 cup - Coconut flour 1/3 cup - Coconut oil 1/3 cup - Maple syrup

1/4 tsp - Salt *tip* If you want a really pink hue use 1 tsp beetroot powder Chocolate topping:

Dairy-free dark chocolate, melted Dried raspberries


Add all the ingredients to a pan

Cook over a medium heat.

Mash the raspberries as you mix everything together. Once all the ingredients are well combined and melted together, take off the heat. Transfer into a square baking pan lined with parchment paper.

Spread with a spatula. Freeze for at least 2 hours then slice into bars or cubes, depending on if you want full bars or bite sized. Coat with the melted dark chocolate and sprinkle with dried raspberries. Refrigerate.

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