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Coffee Shop Vibes

Coffee shops first became a thing for me when I would watch the cast of Friends meeting at Central Perk every week for 10 years. I religiously watched Friends, I didn't miss an episode and have re watched the series probably over 100 times. I'm not obsessed or anything but I didn't have cable for a good 6 years. Maybe that's why I find coffee shops so comforting? They definitely exude a home like ambiance that makes you want to stay.

In real life, my coffee journey didn't start that long ago.

I used to be a tea gal then I graduated to shots of espresso before intense workouts. I didn't start really enjoying coffee and espresso based beverages until last year when I went to Italy. Since then I've turned into quite the connoisseur, or at least I'd like to think I have. I've taken a couple of coffee 101 courses and am perfecting my latte art skills. Maybe one day I will have my own little shop and master my latte art but in the meantime I will continue to make my way around various cities exploring new coffee shops.

Don't forget to check out my Coffee Shop Chronicles.

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