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The Perfect Carry-On Checklist - Free Printable Checklist!

I absolutely refuse to check in baggage when I travel. It doesn't matter if I'm going away on a short weekend trip or spending 2 weeks in Europe; I ONLY bring carry-on's. It makes life easier by not having to wait for them to unload the plane or worry about them misplacing your stuff. Click here to download your free peacelovejenny carry on check list.

1. Checklist. When packing for a trip in general you should always make yourself a checklist ahead of time. It will help you remember what items to bring before the day of packing and will give you time to remember thing you may have forgotten. I usually separate my checklist by categories, for example: travel docs, hygene, beauty, clothing, accessories, shoes.

2. Outfit planning. Check the weather app and get an idea of what the weather will be like during your trip. Bring items that go with the forecast and a couple of back ups just in case the weather man is wrong. The key to packing light is to bring items that can easily mix and match together to make new outfits. I like to stick with mostly solid colored items and then bring a couple of fun prints or pieces that will stand out for those photo ops.

3. Wear bulky items on the plane. Sweaters, boots and hats are perfect to wear on the plane because they are usually the biggest items to pack AND I always get so cold on planes. I usually wear a couple of layers just in case I get warm and because it frees up even more carry-on space!

4. Roll your clothes. I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard of this packing trick but let me tell you, it's sure to work! Not only does it create more space but it also lessens the wrinkles.

5. If in doubt, don't bring it. Chances are you won't use half of what you pack anyways so if you have any doubts about an item, save yourself the trouble and don't bother bringing it.

Now that we have a bit of an idea as to what type of items to pack, let me get more specific and give you a itemized break down of my packing checklist. Click here to download your free peacelovejenny carry on check list.

Travel Docs

- Passport.

- Boarding Pass.

- Wallet. Make sure to bring extra I.D as well as your insurance card and credit cards for emergencies.

- Itinerary.

- Hotel or Airbnb confirmations printed out in paper form in case your phone runs out of batteries or decides to stop working. Hygene

- Sanitizer

- Wipes. Though they are not eco-friendly but they come in handy for a lot of reasons. I pack both makeup wipes and feminine hygiene wipes.

- Deodorant.

- Toothbrush + Paste.

- Tissues. For some reason I always have a runny nose on planes.

- Gum.

- Panty Liners. For long trips you can be stuck wearing the same undies for a long time. Change them for a refresh every few hours. Beauty

- Make Up. I only bring the essentials. Mascara, under eye concealer and bronzer. Sometimes I will bring a lipstick.

- Lip Balm.

- Face Cream.

- Hair Ties.

- Eye Mask + Ear Plugs. It depends on what kind of sleeper you are but these come in handy more often than not for a light sleeper.

- Dry Shampoo. This can be quite the life saver!


- Comfy Sweater. This can double as a blanket too!

- Pants or Shorts. Depending on your destination.

- Dresses.

- Tops.

- Socks + Undies.

Accessories and gadgets.

- My phone or IPod. Music and podcasts are an absolute must for me.

- Headphones.

- Chargers.

- Camera. My DSLR is a bit bulky but the photos are totally worth the extra room it takes up.

- Book. If there is a really good book I want to read, this is the perfect time to delve into it!

- Power converter. Depending on your destination. It's always good to be prepared.

- A purse or clutch. Something to use on a night out or on an excursion.

- Neck pillow.

- Pen. An invaluable accessory when it comes to filling out customs and immigration forms.


- Flats. Comfortable yet still stylish.

- Runners. Something comfy and dependable for your excursions.

- Boots or sandals. Depending on your destination.

- Heels if you want to get real fancy.

Don't forget to click here to download your free peacelovejenny carry on check list. Feel free to add a few of your own travel must haves in the blank lines!

Happy Travels!

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