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Sweet Hart Kitchen

Until two days ago I thought I was up on all of the latest veg news in the city of Toronto, so when my non veg friend tagged me in an Instagram post that featured a delicious treat from Sweet Hart Kitchen I was surprised I didn't know about their new location. After all, it was in a neighborhood I frequent regularly, Kensington Market. I looked into this new plant based dessert cafe a bit more and realized it only opened last week... so, I cut myself a little slack but then immediately decided to go check it out.

It was, to say the least, absolutely adorable! I wanted to make it my home as soon as I walked in. It had all of the things I look for in a cafe, lots of bright natural light, a quirky pink neon sign and a lounge bench with throw pillows so you can comfortably eat your fresh and delicious "healthy" treats. DING DING DING, a recipe for success!

The location is in Kensington Market but is tucked a little bit away from the main market area. Located in a freshly painted white and grey building on the corner of Wales and Leonard. I'm hoping the short distance to the market doesn't hinder customer flow but it is a possibility. You will likely have to come looking for Sweet Hart Kitchen, rather than just casually strolling by on your way to/from the market but it's totally worth the walk off the beaten market path.

The treats were yummy and rich. They are made with natural sweeteners and 100% plant based ingredients which is a thumbs up in my books! It's nice to feel a little less guilty when indulging in sweet treats. The prices were fair and the portion sizing was perfect. I got a Raspberry Macaroon ($2), Snickers Bar ($3), a cookie (sorry, do not remember what kind), Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle ($3), and a Peanut Butter Cake Slice ($5). My favorite treat that I purchased was the Snickers Bar. :D **Disclaimer, I did not eat ALL of these treats to myself, I was a good girl and shared with my friends.

All in all, Sweet Hart Kitchen was my kind of place. I can't wait to come back to see what they've added to the menu in the future and wish Sweet Hart nothing but success!

Until next time!

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