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Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

I've been to the Yucatán Peninsula 5 times now and each time I fall in love all over again. If the food, history and absolutely stunning beaches aren't enough to catch your attention, the hospitality of the Mexican people surely will.

I am the type of person who genuinely enjoys learning about history. I've always been fascinated by ancient cultures and their connection with the cosmos, not to mention their level of intelligence SO long ago. So, every time I travel to Mexico I make a point of learning more about the Mayan culture and going to their historical sites. I've been to both Tulum and Coba in the past and knew this time that I had to go to Chichen Itza, one of the Modern Wonders of the World.

I was staying in Playa Del Carmen at a new resort that just opened called Ocean Riviera Paradise. It was beautiful but a bit of a mission to Chichen Itza. I signed up for a bus trip that would be a 12 hour long journey but also included a trip to Il Kil Cenote ,a tequilla making facility and a trip to the Spanish settled city . Even though it was a long day, the adventure was truly worth it.

This year, Valentine's Day was looming over my head (similarly to what I'm experiencing with my 30th birthday on the horizon). As many of you know, I split with my husband of 7 years late last year and it's been a difficult adjustment. Knowing this, a friend suggested we rent a car and head over to the Tulum area so we could try out Charly's Tacos, a delicious vegan joint I wouldn't shut up about. So, instead of sitting around moping, I actually ended up having a wonderful day. We woke up really early, ate a quick breakfast, grabbed some apples for later then rented a car and made our way to Tulum. Much of the day was spent meditating and taking long walks on the beach, swimming in the ocean and my favourite part, eating delicious vegan tacos at Charly's.

The rest of my trip was filled with morning tennis, spa treatments, delicious goodies and bottomless drinks by the beach.

This trip to the Yucatan Pennisula was greatly different from my previous trips to Mexico, mostly because I reflected tremendously on how far I had come since the last time I was there and realized that the next time I return I will have likely changed again. What I walked away with was priceless, I'm going to continue to experience life to it's fullest, truly feel my emotions, reflect on them and let those experiences guide me to happier and healthier places.

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