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How to create an EPIC vegan "charcuterie" board

I know what you're thinking: how can a charcuterie board be vegan? If you haven't figured it out by now, let this be the last time I tell you, you can veganize anything!

I've been drooling over delicious looking charcuterie boards on Instagram and Pinterest for months and last weekend I finally had the perfect excuse to make one. My mom was coming to visit! Plus, I found the perfect beautiful board and hand crafted knives at Winners. Meant to be? I think so! It makes the perfect snack to accompany wine and laughter. So, if you too have been dying to showcase your artistic side in form of vegan deliciousness then let this be your guide.

With a charcuterie board, It's important to add lots of different textures and tastes. Soft mixed with crispy, salty mixed with sweet, etc. Trust me, your taste buds will be very happy. As in life, imperfect is perfect when putting it on the platter, play around and have some fun!

What you'll need:

Cheeze and Meat - No, I don't eat meat but there are a ton of delicious faux meats out there so I chose to add some Gusta spicy sausage. Additionally, I grabbed some local artisan chipotle cheddar cheeze made from cashews. Jams & Spreads - Fig jam is my absolute fav, and I still had some on hand that I brought home from Italy. Score! I also added some hummus because it's delicious and easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. Sweets - Toronto is home to an amazing local vegan chocolatier so I bought a few FITZY's salted caramel chocolates and chocolate bars. Vegetables & Fruit - Grilled artichokes are something I only buy on occasion (because they are so damn pricey) so this was my gourmet addition. Grapes and olives are a must because yum! I also added some cucumber and sundried tomatoes.

Nuts - I only had walnuts on hand but you can add anything you like! Bread or Crackers - Who isn't a fan of fresh baked bread? I grabbed a baguette from Blackbird Baking Co. and spicy crackers that needed to be used up in my cupboard. Beverages - Something light and bubbly pairs well with your charcuterie board and can enhance your flavours. Plus, there's nothing better to wash down all this goodness than a little bubbly.

To finish it off - drizzle olive oil over the spreadables, add your crunchy bits and fill up any empty space.

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