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Isle of Capri

Doesn’t the name just sound beautiful? The name, strangely enough, comes from the Latin word Capreae, meaning goats, who once inhabited the island. No sign of goats now but I can tell why the goats must have loved it here. The steep limestone cliffs project high above the sea making this island truly breathtaking from the bottom right to the top. Rich with history this island housed ancient roman aqueducts, temples, villas and a few Roman Emperors.

Now, the Island of Capri is a luxurious tourist hotspot. It is often a stop for cruise ships and people making a day trip from Sorrento. We were lucky enough to stay a few nights here and just like that it became my absolute favourite place in the world. Keep in mind, I did minimal research on Capri prior to our visit, all I knew is the view was going to be spectacular. Upon our arrival we discovered our hotel was at the top of the sharp cliffs and had no idea how we were going to get up there. Luckily, we pack light, so carry-on luggage in tow we started looking for a way up the steep road. A cab took us part of the way but the only way up the second portion was by foot. I was immediately blown away. I’d never seen anything like this in my life. Tucked away in the top of the cliffs were rows upon rows of high end shops. In between the shops were bakeries, gelato cafes, hotels and restaurants. Paradise. We arrived at Hotel La Residenza in the early afternoon. Elvira, the lady checking us into our room informed us that we were eligible for a complimentary upgrade to a junior suite, instead of our standard double we had booked. We were ecstatic! The suite was stunning. It was equipped with a soaker tub, king bed and best of all, a terrace with breathtaking views of the Faraglionli rocks.

Heaven, truly heaven! During the days we spent our time exploring the island from Marina Grande, taking the Phoenician Steps all the way to Anacapri. Eating mounds of gelato and pasta on the way. We did quite a bit of window shopping at the fancy shops and some people watching as we sat with some drinks in the charming main square across from the clock tower. At night we enjoy a bottle of wine and some delicious food at the nearby restaurants. We tended to go to bed early while in Capri, I don’t think it’s really a nightlife hotspot, but we also didn’t seek it out. Our suite was great so we didn’t mind spending some rest and relaxation time in it one bit.

To say we were sad to leave would be an understatement. I wish to one day live the life of luxury on the beautiful Isle of Capri.

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