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We all take trips for different reasons. For me, it’s to feel alive, to learn and grow but also to escape everyday life. Realistically, there’s nothing wrong with my day to day life in Toronto. It’s perfectly normal and comfortable. My job is rewarding and I work with great people. But, I think no matter how great your day to day life is, it’s nice to escape, I mean.. That’s why we all take vacations, isn’t it? Travelling can be intense and comes with a high dose of adrenaline. It also usually includes new, exciting and different experiences. So, when I come home I feel like a changed person who is high on new experiences while everyone here is still the way I left them. It’s almost like a reverse culture shock. For me, the post travel blues are just a part of travelling that I’ve come to accept. Knowing all of this, though, doesn’t make it easier when I get home. I know I can’t be alone in my PTB so here are some of my little tricks!

[if !supportLists]1) [endif] Sharing my adventure. This is one of the reasons my blog is so important to me. Sharing my adventures is therapeutic, it brings back the excitement and lets me relive my trip. If you don’t have a blog, simply just telling friends and family about your trip can help. You might even gain a new perspective, those “shitty” moments of your trip might now be hilarious stories.

[if !supportLists]2) [endif]Sleep. For two reasons, it helps with any jet leg I might be experiencing and it helps my brain adjust to home life. Travelling can be overwhelming so giving my brain a rest is nice. Plus, who doesn’t love sleeping?

[if !supportLists]3) [endif]Exercise. For me, exercise is therapy. I used to see a shrink but then I started working out every day. So, this was a no brainer for me. After catching up on my beauty sleep I throw myself into long, frequent workouts. Anything from a long walk with my dog to yoga or straight up weight lifting. If you feel unmotivated, get yourself to a class. The motivation is contagious.

[if !supportLists]4) [endif]Don’t look at bills for like a week. Let’s be real, travelling is expensive. I recently traveled with a friend who, every time he bought an expensive dinner or more Jack & Cokes than planned said “That’ll be Toronto Jared’s problem.” It was funny at the time but then I realized how shitty Toronto Jared is going to feel when he gets home and looks at all of his bills. Don’t ignore your bills forever but give yourself some time to digest what you’ve spent. PS – Toronto Jared is doing just fine. :P

[if !supportLists]5) [endif]Incorporate. That is, incorporate things from travel into everyday life. For example, when I first went to Mexico, I was OBSESSED with the food. That was 7 years ago. Mexican food is now a staple in my diet. I literally eat Mexican food 3-4 times a week.

[if !supportLists]6) [endif]Be grateful. It’s really that simple. Not everybody has the opportunity to travel and if you can, be grateful for it! It’s like that saying “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

[if !supportLists]7) [endif]Start planning your next trip. Now this can be dangerous territory but it’s probably the easiest and best way to get over the post trip blues. As I’m writing this I have 4 tabs open, researching where I can travel to next. It helps, A LOT. Getting excited for a new adventure, even if its months or years down the road gives you something to look forward to. When you have something to look forward to, you spend less time looking back being sad.

AND FINALLY – Know that you are NOT alone. The wanderlust heart is a tricky thing.

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