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Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar Island, a short ferry ride from Split, is located on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The island is small-ish but accommodates large amounts of tourists during summer, luckily we arrived in early September and the crowds were starting to die down. Before we arrived we didn't do too much research into Hvar, so when our boat docked we were stunned by the 360 view. The marble streets and luxe Mediterranean lifestyle made this my ideal vacation destination. I immediately wanted to move in and stay forever. We stayed at the Hostel Villa Skansi with 2 of our friends and HIGHLY recommend it. The property was large and lined with pomegranate and olive trees, not to mention equipped with a kitchen, bbq, lounge and bar, everything you could ask for! We spent our days at the beach and exploring. The beaches are not sand, they are rocky but the water is refreshing, perfect after some sun tanning or a hike. Many of the beaches are clothing optional, and I have to admit... I gladly took part, hehe. I hate bathing suit tops and tan lines so this was perfect! Our evenings were spent eating and drinking at many of the restaurants and bars that lined the harbour. We danced the night away after partaking in some absinthe our friends brought back from Amsterdam. It was a good night. If you are planning a trip to Croatia, Hvar should be high on your list, it is one of my most treasured vacations spots.

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