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1970s Home Makeover - Half Bath Edition

We moved into our 1970's back split In the beautiful Niagara Region 10 months ago and have been non stop renovating. We've done all of the renovations ourselves, which is pretty wild considering neither of us are particularly handy. We started with our half bath, before moving onto the larger bathroom.

This is what it looked like before:

It was wallpapered from floor to ceiling, had grey marble toilet/sink and had nasty stained pink shag carpet. I felt dirty just looking at it. Clearly, this needed a complete overhaul.

It was a very tight space so we felt a bit limited with how much we could really do. We started by taking off all of the wallpaper. Then took out the sink, toilet, weird shelves and removed the shag carpet. I didn't take any photos at this point, but it was a complete shell.

Now, the fun part! We started with tiling, using these black and white hexagon retro looking mosaics, then moved on to paint. I used Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. This colour is my absolute fav. Then we added a simple mirror, some brushed brass fixtures (light fixture, towel holder, toilet paper holder) and a couple of planters for some fake plants to add some colour to the space.

And voila! This was the final result. It was tough to get everything in one photo because of the weird angles and tightness of the space, so I took a few.

Stay tuned for more of our makeovers!

xo Jenny


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